9 Weeks Out

9 Weeks Out | My Engineered Nutrition

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." - Helen Keller

This week's check-in is different from all weeks leading up to it. Each week I've posted progress pictures and this week...I have none to share. I was, however, still able to take my measurements and weight - and have progress to share!

So why no progress photos? Remember those goals I wrote down last week for my birthday? One of which was to get outdoors more and another to live life less scripted? Well, when the forecast calls for FEET, not inches, of snow to fall in Tahoe and someone asks you if you'd like to go on an impromptu snowboarding trip that weekend - you say yes. And then when a huge storm hits on Sunday, the day you are driving home, and it takes you 8 hours to get home (instead of the normal 4 hours) you go with the flow and don't stress that your check-in is a day late.

9 Weeks Out | My Engineered Nutrition

In the past, when I was preparing for a competition or meet, I would turn down any invitations that would impact my training schedule or diet. I've already made it a point to make this competition prep fit MY lifestyle, so I didn't even hesitate to say YES. This, of course, came on an already hectic week. I had taken Monday off work for my birthday, had 2 events to attend after work during the week (which impacted both my workouts and diet) and then would be leaving Friday evening for Tahoe. 


Monday was my birthday and for the past few years on my birthday I like to test my maxes. This year I tested my snatch and clean and jerk. I was pleasantly surprised with hitting a 55kg snatch and a 75kg clean and jerk! And this was my second lift of the day so I wasn't even starting fresh.

Yeah...my idea of a fun birthday is to workout twice since I had the time to do so. To put this in perspective, in March prior to my wrist break my max snatch was 63kg and my max clean and jerk was 81kg.   

9 Weeks Out | My Engineered Nutrition

Tuesday was the only other day this week I was able to follow my normal lifting schedule. Wednesday I had to skip my workout all together because of a work event in the evening and Thursday and Friday I had to squeeze my lifts in early before my evening commitments. Regardless of the reason, I still found a way to make sure I followed my training schedule. 

Saturday was an entire day of snowboarding - a full body workout in itself. If you ask me, I can't think of a better option for "active recovery". Sunday we attempted to snowboard all day again but the huge winter storm caused the mountain to close (due to wind) after only 2 runs. 

9 Weeks Out | My Engineered Nutrition


Like I said...this was a bit of a hectic week. Coming back from my Birthday Weekend caused the week to start a little off. Add to the fact that I had work events 3 days that impacted my meals, plus a trip out of town, my nutrition was anything but regimented. 

On my 4 lifting days this week my nutrition wasn't all that exciting. I had cheese and turkey quesadillas. Nothing too exciting but damn if these weren't delicious!

I also made my Double Chocolate Peppermint Protein Muffins and ate these for dessert all week. Seriously...these babies are GOOD.

Chocolate Peppermint Protein Muffins | My Engineered Nutrition

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I forgot my food scale for my trip to Tahoe for the weekend, meaning I was unable to measure my food Saturday or Sunday. I managed to still pack some Combat Crunch protein bars, but everything else was a meal eaten out. I'm happy to report I came back the same weight and managed to stay in line just by visual approximations or portions. I stuck to a high protein/high fat breakfast followed by a moderate lunch of protein and veggies. I snacked on the Combat Crunch bars and had roasted chicken for dinner each night. I may have also had some Irish coffees to warm up my bones post-snowboarding...


So, no progress pictures this week. When Saturday morning came around I didn't have time to take the photos when you are trying to be out the door by 8AM in full snow gear. I was able to get my weight before I left and took my measurements on Sunday morning. 


17 Weeks:

  • Weight [lbs] - 150
  • Waist [in] - 28
  • Abdomen [in] - 31
  • Hips [in] - 39.25
  • Thighs [in] - 22.75
  • Upper Arm [in] - 11.5
  • Bust [in] - 33.5

9 Weeks

  • Weight [lbs] - 145
  • Waist [in] - 27.25
  • Abdomen [in] - 29.5
  • Hips [in] - 38.5
  • Thighs [in] - 22.25
  • Upper Arm [in] - 11.5
  • Bust [in] - 33.25

I'm back on a normal week with no unusual macros rearrangements. 

Non-Lifting Day Macros:

  • 1,432 Calories
  • 155 g Protein
  • 50 g Carbohydrates
  • 68 g Fat

Lifting Day Macros:

  • 1,713 Calories
  • 150 g Protein
  • 168 g Carbohydrates
  • 49 g Fat

This is my last week in San Francisco for 2015! Hard to believe we are so close to ending this year. The next 2 weeks will be spent on a short work trip to Virginia and then home to Ohio for 10 days. My main goal is to make it through the holidays at this steady progress point and then hit it hard at the start of 2016!

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