10 Weeks Out

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things." - Albert Einstein

10 Weeks Out | My Engineered Prep

Today I turn 29 - the last year of my 20s. 

I'm always excited for my birthday, even with this year, the last year before I enter my 30s. Most people set their New Year goals for themselves starting in January (a fresh start to a new year). I chose to follow my biological year and set my goals in December.

As I enter into 29 I can confidently say this is be best I've ever felt on my birthday. This is the strongest I've ever been, I finally have figured out the best nutrition path for myself, my career is going better than I could have ever dreamed and to top it all off, I started My Engineered Nutrition! 28 was a great year.

Goals for 29

I always like to set a new goals for myself in my new year and anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE setting goals for myself. Sure, I could make a cliched list of '30 things to do before 30' but thinking up 30 things seemed overkill...and why would you want to read that exhausting list? So with that, here are just 10 goals I have for myself (in no particular order). 

1. Consistency and Balance.

I'm beginning this year with the best I've ever felt and I have a goal to keep this up all through 29. I'm not perfect and in the past I've been a victim of yo-yoing with my weight and fitness levels. Luckily, I think I've finally found the formula which works for me to live a balanced lifestyle. 

2. Compete in a Figure Competition.

This needs no explanation since I'm already 10 weeks out from achieving this goal. Excited to step on stage again!

3. Compete in an Olympic Weightlifting Meet.

Some of you know I broke my wrist back at the end of March of this year. That landed me in a cast for 6 weeks and the rehab process has been slow. I'm so happy that I'm finally working back up my strength and I know I'll back to my pre-break numbers before no time. 

4. Learn Photography.

For my birthday gift to myself this year, I splurged and bought a Canon Rebel T5i DSLR!! I've been teaching myself how to shoot manually and so far it is SO fun. Adding this to my ever growing list of hobbies and looking forward to bringing you high quality food images :)

5. Keep up My Engineered Nutrition.

I've been having a blast with my website and plan on keeping the party going into this next year. I'm not really sure if anyone is reading what I'm posting, but it makes me happy and that's all that matters...right?!

6. Write an eBook.

I've had some ideas floating around in this head of mine for quite some time. Hoping I can make this a reality...in all that spare time I have.

7. Travel Abroad.

I'm a Sagittarius so it isn't a surprise that I love to travel. I want to make sure I make it abroad this year and luckily my best friend is moving to Japan for work this year! Hoping to make a trip to Japan, Thailand and China. Bonus points if I do some traveling solo. 

8. Make my Bed - Every Morning. 

I know, this seems like a goal for someone turning 13. When I make my bed it brings order to my day and it is nice to come home to a room that is put together rather than a war zone. At the age of 29 perhaps I'll finally learn how to keep this habit (sorry Mom and Dad). 


Hiking, camping, snowboarding, swimming - you name it. I want/NEED to get outdoors more. I'm lucky enough to live in Northern California where I have mountains, beaches, and deserts all in my backyard. Plus I now have a car. Winning adventure combo for 2016. 

10. Live life less scripted. 

I'm guilty of planning out every aspect of my life. Sometimes, this is great. I'm incredibly organized and when I want to get things done - they get done. And sure, planning for trips is exciting and ensures all the highlights aren't missed. This year, however, I want to live a bit less scripted. The best things in life usually come when you aren't expecting them. I'm starting off strong with this goal as I took a weekend trip by myself to wine country for my birthday. I had no real plans all weekend (aside from my spa appointments - so necessary) and you know what? This has been one of the most relaxing and enjoyable weekends I've had in a very long time. 


This week I hit a new PR! I snatched the most I have since breaking my wrist!!! I was able to work up to 50kg.

10 Weeks Out | My Engineered Prep

Small victories as I work back towards the numbers I was hitting pre-wrist break. I also was able to clean and jerk 65kg this week. Feeling strong, healthy and most importantly, pain free!

10 Weeks Out | My Engineered Prep


This was a pretty normal week for me. It was post-Thanksgiving and pre-Birthday, so I kept things basic. 

Lunches this week were simple yet delicious. Salad of kale, brussels sprouts and parmesan with a lemon-olive oil dressing.

10 Weeks Out | My Engineered Nutrition

Dinners were either my Sweet Potato Stacks with whatever protein I had on hand or 'Breakfast for Dinner'. 

Sweet Potato Stack | My Engineered Nutrition
10 Weeks Out | My Engineered Nutrition

Saturday I celebrated my birthday (just a few days early since today, Monday, is my actual birthday) with wine tasting and a 5 course tasting menu for dinner. It was simply perfect. I haven't ever gone away by myself on trips but I've decided this is the way to celebrate a birthday!

Healdsburg | My Engineered Nutrition
Dry Creek Kitchen | My Engineered Nutrition


Alright, if anyone is actually still reading, I applaud you!

I weighed in at 145.8 lbs for my 29th Birthday. Back at Week 17, when I started my prep, I had made a loose goal for myself to hit 145 lb by my birthday. I wasn't attached to the number but thought it would be a good check point heading into the holidays at that weight. Well, I couldn't be happier that I actually made it to that weight! Let's keep the progress training moving!

10 Weeks Out | My Engineered Nutrition
10 Weeks Out | My Engineered Nutrition
10 Weeks Out | My Engineered Nutrition
10 Weeks Out | My Engineered Nutrition

10 Weeks:

  • Weight [lbs] - 145.8
  • Waist [in] - 27.5
  • Abdomen [in] - 29.5
  • Hips [in] - 38.5
  • Thighs [in] - 22.5
  • Upper Arm [in] - 11.5
  • Bust [in] - 33.25

For my nutrition this week I'm following the same sort of idea I did for Thanksgiving. I am happy to say I didn't worry about tracking my dinner/wine on Saturday after I tracked the first part of my day's macros. Sunday I ate intuitively for a low carb day. Today, Monday, I'm right back on track!

I'm eating slightly less this week than my normal macros to balance out the weekend. I also want to be a bit more restrictive going into the Christmas break so that I can enjoy the time home with my family a bit more (aka all the delicious food). 

Non-Lifting Day Macros:

  • 1,360 Calories
  • 155 g Protein
  • 50 g Carbohydrates
  • 60 g Fat

Lifting Day Macros (Monday, Tuesday, Saturday):

  • 1672 Calories
  • 150 g Protein
  • 160 g Carbohydrates
  • 48 g Fat


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